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About Me


Grüezi, Internet traveler! 🙋🏻 #

Whether you ended up here by mistake, by Googling (or duckling) my name, or from one of my very old blogs, I salute you 🖖🏻.

You will not find me on any social media (except Linkedin, but I also never use it) so here is a little bit about me.

My name is Iyán and I’m 28. I come from Oviedo, a little city in Northern Spain 🇪🇸, but I currently live in the German-speaking part of Switzerland 🇨🇭. I studied a Bachelor’s degree in Physics at University of Oviedo, and a Master’s degree in Quantum Information and Quantum Technologies at Ulm University in Germany 🇩🇪. Since October 2021, I’m pursuing a PhD as an external student at ETH Zürich with a research contract at HSLU.

I enjoy playing the violin 🎻 in orchestras, and I love travelling, so it’s awesome when I can do both together! Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put these two activities in pause… To the rescue, my other hobbies! I love computers and technology. I like reading about the latest gadgets, testing KDE Plasma Betas, I follow movements like Right to Repair or 10 Year Smartphone, and I’m a GNU/Linux enthusiast. I’m a member of a local hacklab in Asturias called Pica Pica, where we periodically organize events and workshops to introduce Free Software to people, and I collaborate with the Free Software Foundation Europe. Of course, I also enjoy watching series (Lost, Black Mirror, Aşk 101, Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, Chernobyl…), movies (Interstellar, Star Wars, Toy Story, La La Land, Inception, Dune…) and listening to music (Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Tchaikovsky, Béla Bartók, Zeynep Bastık, Muse…), everything always accompanied by kilos of chocolate 🍫.

Do you want to get in touch? Send me an email! 📨
PGP: 204C 461F BA8C 81D1 0327 E647 422E 3694 311E 5AC1