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Day 3

Vínculos is never about resting and good sleeping, that’s for sure. In our second day in Warsaw, we woke up again early to have a nice breakfast in the hotel and then went to the Dom Kultury KADR to rehearse. Kudos to our bus driver, always in time to take us where we need.

Today we had our first formal concert at the Chopin University of Music. Demanding audience, but we were able to make them stand up by the end and even ask for a bis. They really loved the zarzuela numbers we prepared with the soprano Paula Lueje (“Canción de Paloma” from El barberillo de Lavapiés and “Carceleras” from Las hijas de Zebedeo).

Group photo at Chopin University of Music
Group photo after the concert at Chopin University of Music.

Here I leave two more photos.

Świętokrzyski bridge
Świętokrzyski bridge crossing the Visutal river.
Mural Chopin
Amazing mural of Chopin close to the Chopin University of Music.