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Day 6

Today was bittersweet. On the one had, we had our first free morning, so plenty of time to sleep, have breakfast and explore Łódź (by the way, it’s pronounced as “Wuuch”, not “Lodz”). But on the other hand, our concert today was a bit disappointing.

Piotrkowska Centrum
Piotrkowska Centrum, also known as The Unicorn Stable, is a beautiful tram station at the city center of Łódź.
Mural Lodz
Over 170 buildings are adorned with murals in Łódź, making it the largest urban gallery in Poland.

Our idea was to play in an art center in The Manufaktura, an amazing old textile factory building converted into a leisure complex in the central part of the city. But it was one of those days when nothing seems to work as planned. First, we arrived and no one was waiting or expecting us. Then, we learned that the person who was organizing the concert had taken a day off. When we finally learned where we were supposed to play it was in a square outdoors and it was about to start raining. In the middle of this confusion we were offered to play inside the shopping mall, but that didn’t align well with our project (remember that Vínculos is a cooperation initiative and we are doing all concerts for free, so art or cultural centers are totally fine, but in the middle of a shopping mall… that doesn’t make much sense), so we decided to cancel the concert.

The contrast between the red bricks and blue sky makes Manufaktura buildings really photogenic.

Just when we were about to call it a day, the sun came back so we quickly went back to the square outside and started to play. Probably OCAS shortest concert ever! We played two pieces (with some sheet music flying with the wind in between) and just when we started the Ukrainian march it started to rain again a lot, so we had to run away and take cover.

Double rainbow
Double rainbow 🌈 just after stopping playing in Manufaktura.